Internet dating market share

28-Sep-2017 01:53

New inputs like 3D scans and wearable devices, data monitoring, willingness to share health data, new health apps, electronic health record adoption and a rise in medical research will improve care accuracy.

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E-sports viewing time was up 40 percent year over year, while 43 million people watched the League of Legends finals, prize money is growing, media and sports companies are buying franchises and rights and an equal number of millennials strongly prefer e-sports over traditional sports.

Ubiquitous, cheap, convenient-to-rent bike sharing has led to staggering 100 percent month over month increases in bike sharing, to over 20 million users, which drives C02 emission reduction.

The Chinese are rapidly replacing cash and bank cards with mobile payments for smaller transactions like bike sharing, street food, mobile top-ups and live streaming tips.

Americans are actually losing their virginity later than they used to, for example, with the typical teen waiting until eleventh grade; for Generation X, tenth grade was the norm.

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Twenge estimates that sex-partner counts are falling too, with those born in the 1980s adding notches to their belts more slowly than those born in the 1970s did, and with those born in the 1990s racking ’em up even less rapidly.

Amazon’s AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are driving cloud spending growth as clients seek compliance, governance and the ability to change vendors.